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Our services

  • Business Centres

    Flexible plans from coworking hot desks, virtual office services through to private office suites and conference suites.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of the community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.

Our additional products

  • Telephone Hunt Group

    A Hunt group is a telephone number with additional features to a normal number. It’s usually used as a company main number and gives you a range of additional features.

    £30.00 Get it now
  • 1no Static IP address

    If you have a dedicated internet connection you might find the need for a public facing internet address. A single static IP address can be useful if you have your own email server or website where you’ll need an internet address.

    £8.00 Get it now
  • URL Filtering

    If you have your own dedicated internet connection then URL filtering gives you the option to restrict access to certain websites e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail etc

    £12.00 Get it now
  • Wireless Access Point

    New Wireless Access Point or an additional wireless access point to strengthen signal in areas where it is not as strong. Note: Power and a working dataport is required at the site of the wireless access point. The dataport cost is included in the cost.

    £42.00 Get it now
  • Anti-Virus Computer Protection

    Corporate grade anti-virus software protects your PC or servers from attacks by computer viruses and malware. The charge is per PC or server. There is no set-up fee.

    £2.39 Get it now
  • Data Secure - Server

    Back up your important files with a secure automated online back-up facility for servers which includes 20GB of storage per device. The charge is per server with no set-up fee.

    £24.00 Get it now
  • Outbound Caller Line Identification

    Outbound CLI (Caller Line Identification) lets you display a pre-set number (e.g. company main number, 0800 number, withheld number etc) when making an outbound call.

    £30.00 Get it now
  • Alternative Area Code DDI

    This gives you an alternative area code direct dial number that isn’t your local area code. You just need to let us know which area code you would like (subject to availability). This can then be used by one user or a hunt group.

    £30.00 Get it now
  • 1no Remote User Phone

    The remote user phone allows users to connect an office phone to their own internet service, outside of the main network. Stay connected to the office network without having to be in the office.N.B. Voice quality subject to users own internet connection

    £19.99 Get it now
  • Virtual Number

    This service allows you to divert a UK landline number to any geographical location (i.e. a mobile number or your main geographic number). Diverted calls are charged at standard call rates.

    £8.00 Get it now
  • 080x Freephone Number

    A freephone number that can be used in place of your main number. You pay the call charges on behalf of your caller.

    £8.00 Get it now
  • 084x Non-geographic Number

    There are a number of 084x options available and the percentage paid by you varies according to the option chosen. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    £6.00 Get it now
  • Headset - Wired

    This is a business grade, single ear piece corded headset. It allows you to speak on the phone whilst keeping your hands free for other tasks.

    £150.00 Get it now
  • Headset - Bluetooth

    A Bluetooth enabled Wireless Headset giving you a very clear connection. It lets you continue your conversation while away from your desk.

    £252.00 Get it now
  • Conferencing Unit

    This is a business grade conference handset. It allows you to have a number of people in a meeting room to hear and speak to another person on the phone.

    £30.00 Get it now
  • Number Porting - Single Line

    This is an administration charge for moving your number on to our network from another providers network. This charge is per number.

    £20.00 Get it now
  • Auto Attendant (Per Level)

    An automated call answering facility providing your caller with a list of options to choose. It’s used to assist in directing calls to the appropriate company department.

    £6.00 Get it now
  • Call Recording (Per Hour/PCM)

    A voice recording facility that can be set for incoming / outgoing / hunt groups / individual phones. It’s often used for training/quality purposes. Call are stored for 6 months and can be downloaded during this time.

    £0.85 Get it now
  • Music On Hold

    Customise and use the hold music for your business.

    £6.00 Get it now
  • Silent Intrusion

    Allows you to dial in to an active call without either party’s knowledge. Can be used for training purposes, management call monitoring, etc.

    £30.00 Get it now
  • PoE injector

    Power supply for a SoHo remote user phone

    £23.99 Get it now
  • 250 UK Mobile Minutes

    Pre-buy mobile minute bundles therefore benefiting from economies of scale

    £22.50 Get it now
  • 500 UK Mobile Minutes

    Pre-buy mobile minute bundles therefore benefiting from economies of scale

    £45.00 Get it now
  • 750 UK Mobile Minutes

    Pre-buy mobile minute bundles therefore benefiting from economies of scale

    £60.00 Get it now
  • 1000 UK Mobile Minutes

    Pre-buy mobile minute bundles therefore benefiting from economies of scale

    £80.00 Get it now
  • 2,500 UK Mobile Minutes

    Pre-buy mobile minute bundles therefore benefiting from economies of scale

    £190.00 Get it now
  • Directors Furniture Pack for one person

    Includes everything installed and assembled to turn your new office into an executive workstation.

    £1500.00 Get it now
  • Essentials Furniture Pack for one person

    Includes installation of a straight white desk, black swivel chair, storage unit on castors, chrome desk work lamp, 3no artificial potted plants, a wall clock and protective perspex chair matt.

    £500.00 Get it now
  • 1no Extra office security key

    An additional key for a member of your team. These are security keys which require cutting by an authorised locksmith and have lead time of 10-15 days.

    £50.00 Get it now

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